Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Education Department

Vice President for Education Message

"I will send the hornet ahead of you to drive the Hivites, Canaanites and Hittites out of your way". (Ex. 23:28)

The children of Israel did not trust God and did not follow his plan. As a result both they and their enemies suffered great loss and the world is still dealing with conflict in this region 4000 years later.

Trust is essential to a healthy relationship with our Father. It is also a guiding principle of Christian Education as we disciple children. Consider sending your child to a Seventh-day Adventist school where trust in our Father, Creator, Redeemer and Master is the centerpiece of curriculum and instruction.        


Leading children to Christ through loving, learning, and living.


Growing mature disciples through collaborative relationships.

GCC Schools and Philosophy

The Office of Education serves a total of 37 schools in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  Our team is committed to supporting churches and schools as they prepare students for the kingdom and a joyful life of service as outlined in North American Division - "Journey to Excellence" and the Adventist EDGE call to action. Schools are accredited by various entities including state and private sectors.

In Georgia-Cumberland Conference, we value every child as a unique individual, created in the image of God with distinctive gifts, talents, and abilities. As Seventh-day Adventist educators, it is our belief that the work of true education is to equip students to think and to act with breadth of mind, clearness of thought, and the courage of their convictions. We believe that each child has a special purpose for being placed on this earth. With this in mind, we seek to provide every opportunity for the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of every student entrusted to our care. It is our fervent prayer and aim to perceive infinite possibilities in our students–inspiring them to love learning, respect others, and develop a character in the likeness of the Creator.