Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Children's Ministries Coordinator

Now that you have been appointed as coordinator, we would like to direct you to some valuable resources.  

Georgia-Cumberland - Please be certain that you send us your email address so that items of interest can be directed you from our office (see contact us)
  • Children's Ministries Convention - annual training event ( a must!)

North American Division 
As a leader, God will inspire and empower you to serve if you seek him with all your heart.  Once you have  may require initative on your part to develop a small committee that will determine  the gifts and resources of your members and congregation.  Than caste the vision that God leads you toward and create a plan of implementation to present it to the church board. 

Another focus area to consider at your church is health for children.  Address this topic somewhere in your overall program each year (VBS, SS, Children's story, cooking school that has a kid's evening where healthy options for lunches, meals, and snacks are presented or at another creative opportunity).  In our fast-paced society, parents and children need to consider the laws of health and be encouraged regarding diet and exercise.  Health puppets and programs that you can find online will be helpful.  Florida Hospital has a program called Super-sized Kids.  Check for it at your website.  They are also in the process of developing a new VBS type health program for children.  It will be available in 2014.