Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Volunteer Resources

The Georgia-Cumberland Conference understands the work of volunteers is essential to successful ministry in Seventh-day Adventist Churches and Schools.  The local entity is responsible to select, screen and manage trustworthy individuals to fill volunteer positions in ministry for children and youth activities.  

Designing a Screening Protocol (For Entity Board Review)
The following information is available to assist your board in implementing a comprehensive screening program that will meet the needs of the local entity. 
Child Protection Plan (Edit for Entity Needs)

Screening Resource
Shield the Vulnerable is available to provide online training and screening components for volunteers and employees.  Once your board has appointed a local administrator, the pastor/principal will need to email the name to so local administrator access can be added to the account.
Local Administrator Guide
Volunteer/Employee Instructions (Spanish)

Please note: Pathfinder & Adventurer Staff Screening is coordinated by Children/Junior Youth Ministries.