Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Communication Resources

How is the public hearing/seeing/reading about your church or school?

Here are some public relations tips:

  1. Signage! Contact the Southern Union for help—they have discounted prices.

  2. Contact your local news media—print and/or television—to learn submission deadlines, guidelines, etc. Introduce yourself to the staff; make friends.

  3. Set up a free church and/or school website through Adventist Church Connect.
    - Post news stories on your website at least weekly.
    - Share calendar items and keep them current.
    - Share documents. If you're a church, post your bulletin as a PDF.
    - Keep contact information current—phone numbers, email addresses, maps, etc.
    - Start a blog. A great person to do this would be the pastor or principal.
    - Provide additional resources. For example, link to the Georgia-Cumberland Conference and North American Division websites.

  4. Use the Seventh-day Adventist logo to brand.

  5. Establish a presence on social media. Start with Facebook and/or Twitter.