Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Health Ministries Resources


Forks Over Knives DVD

Churches have used this effectively to gain interests for future health programs.  Some have had a panel discussion consisting of physicians following the film thereby giving people a chance to ask questions raised by the film.  Also, this presents a great opportunity to tell people about upcoming programs such as cooking schools, educational classes, etc.  Please note that due to copyright protection, you must pay a fee in order to legally show this program in a public setting. For more information, visit

Cooking Classes

A good contact for information on how to conduct successful cooking schools is  Sylvia Knoch. Contact her at 423-544-4382.


Reversing Diabetes

Weimar has numerous DVDs on this and other topics in their NewStart series.  Excellent material at a very reasonable price. For more information visit or call toll-free 877-934-6278. 

Step Fast 

This dynamic 12-part DVD series features leading experts in preventive medicine, who will help you understand the relationship between lifestyle and disease. Topics include:  heart disease; osteoporosis; cancer and the immune system; weight control; diabetes; hypertension; brain health; benefits of vegetarianism; stress management; fatigue; maximizing your devotional life; natural remedies; and hydrotherapy. For more information about Step Fast, visit or email or call 931-863-8196.


Let's Move Day

Let's Move Day is an annual event that encourages churches, schools, and other organizations to get their communities envolved in getting active. It aims to fight childhood obesity—a growing epidemic—and to also teach that exercise can be fun. Learn more at 


Church Sponsored Farming—presentation by Scott Arrington

Bio Friendly Gardening—presentation by Scott Arrington

Intro to Organic Farming Methods—presentation by Daniel Parson


Grief Recovery

A church canhave a bereavement ministry.  Anotheroption would be to have a grief recovery seminar or support group. The NAD is looking into the possibility ofproducing a seminar on this topic.  Inthe meantime, a resource person for questions or more information is pastorMike Lombardo. Email him at

Dealing with Losspresentation by Vicki Griffin

Adventist Recovery Ministries 

(ARMin) is a ministry of the Health Ministries Department of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in North America. There is Christ-centered help for all addictions! Find freedom from unhealthy habits. For more information about how to start a support group visit  Frank Sanchez (864-238-8602) is available to conduct an awareness program. The NAD offers leadership training on how to conduct a program. Typically, this leadership training is offered at the annual NAD Health Summit.


LifeLong Health

This organization offers a plethora of programs and helpful software programs. For more information, visit Several are listed below:

1. Eight Weeks to Wellness 

2. Fitness for Life

3. Lifelong Weight Management 

4. The Prevention Series

5. Your Health Age CD

6. Your Coronary Risk CD

7. Your Stress Profile CD 


LifeStyle Matters

This series of programs by Vicki Griffin cover several topics:

Foods for Thought–Nutrition’s link to mood, memory, learning, and behavior.

Simple Solutions–Lifestyle links to reduce stress and depression, increase energy and immune health, and beat lifestyle diseases and lose weight.

Living Free – Finding freedom from habits that hurt.

Homes of Hope – An innovative, exciting opportunity designed to break down barriers between neighbors and prepare the way for building friendship, fellowship, and discipleship.  


Find out more at The above programs can be ordered through Lifestyle Matters at 866-624-5433 or 517-316-1596. 


CHIP stands for Complete Health Improvement Program and is an affordable, lifestyle enrichment program designed to reduce disease risk factors through the adoption of better health habits and appropriate lifestyle modifications.  The goal is to lower blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels by reducing excess weight, lowering high blood pressure, enhancing daily exercise, improving dietary choices, and eliminating smoking, thus aiding in preventing and reversing disease.  CHIP is based on the foundation that 75% of our Western diseases are “lifestyle-related,” according to the U.S. Surgeon General.  They relate to our rich diet; lack of exercise; use of cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine; level of stress; and the quality of our support.  Class lectures are dynamically presented by Dr. Hans Diehl in a compelling DVD series complete with superb graphics, illustrations, and humorous stories.  Local presentations provide for live interaction, heart-healthy recipe samples, and lots of fun. For more information or to purchase CHIP, call 909-796-7676 or visit


Change Your Choices, Change Your Brain—presentation by Dr. Bernell Baldwin


Depression Recovery 

There are numerous programs and items available at or call 888-778-4445.


Stress:  Beyond Coping

This program by Skip MacCartyD.Min., includes an e-learning series; master instructor CD for seminar presenters; and The Shadowlands of Stress and Depression:  How to Find Your Way Into the Light.  Available through