Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Locally-funded Employee Payroll Processing Details


1) Time Cards Completed

Records must be kept locally of hours worked for all non-exempt employees. (See Policy L3090)  Non-exempt employees must complete a time card (PDF version) or use a time clock.  Please keep time cards on file at local entity for a minimum of three years.  

(If you choose to design your own time card template according to FLSA specifications, please contact the Treasury Department to confirm necessary fields are included.)

2) Report Wages for Payment Online  

Treasurer reports employee hours online at the end of each pay period based on employee time card.  

Hours are due by the Monday preceding pay day (see Payroll Schedule for detail).

Use the Web Reporting Tool to report hours online.*

* Employees 'exempt' from FLSA Wage & Hour Regulations will be paid on a salaried basis.  Salary will be processed automatically and web reporting of hours does not apply.  Please notify Human Resources immediately if there are any payroll changes.

3) Entity Payroll Expense Processing

ACH Debit  (Required)  
Entities authorizing payment via ACH Debit must complete and return the ACH Authorization Agreement.  Entities will be notified via email of the total expense before payment is posted to their account and receive a detailed billing report.

Please complete and send to Human Resources by email or fax as directed on form.

Payroll Schedule (Exempt and Non-exempt)

Bi-weekly pay dates are every other Friday for time worked in the preceding two week pay period.  A typical bi-weekly pay period concludes midnight, Saturday night, prior to pay day.  If an earlier pay period conclusion date is needed, the entity may set their own, provided the period dates are documented and the employee is informed.

Document Retention Schedule
 Suggested lengths of document retention provided by the General Conference Office of Archives, Records, and Statistics.