Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Sample Board Votes

Transitioning to Conference Employment:  

As of mm/dd/yyyy, all locally-funded employment positions at the Entity Name will transition to Georgia-Cumberland Conference (GCC) employment, with all costs for salary and applicable benefits billed to the Entity Name.

Please include a copy of the minutes indicating the local board's decision when mailing completed employee forms. 

Local Entity Remaining as Employer:  
As of mm/dd/yyyy, employees at Entity Name will no longer be employed by Georgia-Cumberland Conference (GCC).  Effective mm/dd/yyyy, these individuals will be employed by Entity Name.  This board in subsequent meetings will act to determine the administrative process for required documentation per state/federal requirements and employment best practices.


Must all locally-funded employees at a location be voted as either conference employees or local employees? 

Yes, for continuity, a local board will vote all employees at the local entity regarding the payroll implementation process.


Can separate entities at the same geographic location vote differently? 

Yes, if they are separate entities with separate governing boards and financial records, then each entity would need to make a decision.  A school, church, and day care can be considered separate entities if they have separate boards.


Can an entity change their vote at a later time? 

Yes, if a local entity decides they cannot continue with conference payroll, they have the legal right to conclude with conference employer and in essence, hire as a new employer locally.