Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Gainesville Church Participates in 5K

 The Gainesville Church participated in the Gainesville Chamber 5K run on Thursday, March 27.  The race was hosted at Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Ga.  The church has been trying to come up with ideas to get involved in the community and participating in this event was one way that was suggested by a church member.

They announced and encouraged people to join in with this event, and to their surprise over 20 church members and friends signed up and came out that evening.  Several invited coworkers, family, and friends to run with them.  It was exciting and fun to see.

The race had a tee shirt design contest to present a company or organization logo.  The church members designed tee shirts of the Gainesville Church to wear while they ran. Though the church did not win the contest, they had submitted their shirt to the chamber of commerce and were visible to the community.


The event was great for the church for several other reasons.  First, it encouraged people to start exercising for the 5K event.  Several people began walking and running just because of the race.  Some said after the race, they want to continue running.  They have not felt this good in quite some time.  Second, it was great for fellowship.  Every church member and friend of Gainesville Church supported and cheered each other on.   New friends were made and they laughed and enjoyed time together.  This was an event that most everyone said they loved.


by Tabor Nudd