Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Students Grow Gardens and Raise Funds

Flower pic left to right clockwise: Kennedy White, Andrew White, Kyle Luke, Katie Coffey, Avery Dockery, Sarah Hall.

Murphy Adventist Christian School's pre-k and kindergarten class was awarded Farm to School funding from the Growing Minds program this spring. Growing Minds is a program of ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project) that provides Farm to School resources and training for teachers and schools interested in connecting children with local food and farms. The funds were specifically awarded to provide a water source for the students’ grow boxes. With this funding a water source has been installed for the young North Carolina MACS gardeners, and they have been busy!


As spring arrived and the weather warmed, red Irish potatoes were planted by the enthusiastic gardeners. The students used soil conditioner composed of mushroom compost and wood bark to bury their sprouting potato pieces, and rulers were used to determine the width to place each sprout and the depth to bury them.


Two of their grow boxes have perennial mint which was planted in former years; the mint returns each season to beautify the landscape and attract butterflies. In the two remaining boxes students planted flowers that are a mix between a daisy and a marigold. The goal is to have beauty and potatoes for the return to school after summer break. Digging, cooking, and eating potatoes will be an exciting Farm to School project for the young scholars in the fall!


article and photos by Joan Bilbo, MACS Administrative Assistant/Director of Child Care Center