Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Atlanta-Belvedere “Tag Team” Spring Evangelism

However unimaginable, decades ago, the reality of two brothers from an obscure little town winning souls for Christ came to a crescendo on April 19, 2014. We are not referring to the Galilean brothers, Peter and Andrew; we’re referring to the Bulgin brothers from the small town of Jointwood in Southwestern Jamaica, W.I. 

While retired pastor George Bulgin delivered an inspiring series of sermons at the Atlanta-Belvedere Church, his younger brother, and current senior pastor at the Atlanta-Belvedere Church, Samuel Bulgin, was in the mission field at the Battle Ground Company doing the same thing, preaching. 

In total, 21 souls were won for Christ, twelve from Belvedere, and nine from Battle Ground. In addition, 22 other individuals were officially accepted into the Seventh-Day Adventist faith upon “profession of faith”.  

Among the new converts from the Battle Ground, the power of the Holy Spirit was shown in the lives of a couple who dedicated their baby, got married, and were baptized – all on the same day! George Bulgin’s easy-going and conversational style was surely a hit among members and guests, as they came out night after night to hear the emphatic proclamation of God’s word from the book of John. One member described the grand celebration on April 19 as a “high day” at Atlanta-Belvedere. 

Amidst the heavenly music and celebration, remember that there is much work to be done. Seek God’s help in preparing souls for His kingdom.



by Andre Jones