Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Ed and Rosie Cox Share Voice of Prophecy Stories

Cleveland Georgia Starts a Bible School 

The Coxes went to Cleveland to train and help start a Discover Bible School (DBS). The meeting took place Feb. 19 with  dedicated members ready to launch their own DBS to win souls to "The Way, The Truth and The Life." All material was ordered and members of the church and team will begin reaching out to their community. Before all the material had been even received they had about 58 already signed up for DBS.


They are very excited because after three months of reaching out to the community, cards and letters are coming in weekly to enroll in the Bible school and letters of thanks for the lessons. People are understanding things in the Bible they never knew.


Doctor's Visits in Georgetown, Tenn., Leads to Baptism

Ann was very sick and went to her doctor, while waiting in the office she noticed a Discover Bible School "Free Take One Box" on a counter. She walked over and took a card from the box, it was a card offering Bible lessons by mail called "Love, Hope, and Security." 

She said she was in need of this so she filled out the card and sent in for the lessons in March of 2013. Ann completed the 26 lessons and was presented her diploma at the local Seventh-day Adventist church and began attending the Cedar Ridge Church in Georgetown, Tenn., every Sabbath. She then completed the Prophecy lessons, and the Search for Certainty lessons, She was so excited about all she was learning that she began a group study in her home with four-five attending each Thursday night. 

On April 26, 2014, Sabbath morning Ann made her decision to be baptized into the Adventist church. Ann is thankful for the Discover Bible School and the "Take One Boxes" that led her to know "The Way, The Truth, and The Life". 

Call the Voice of Prophecy representative here in the GCC to start or revive a Bible school in your church, 423-504-0471


by Ed Cox