Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Third Annual Plant-Based Cookout Held in Knoxville

The third annual plant-based cookout took place on June 15, 2014, at the home of Stan and Kathy Wolcott on the campus of Little Creek Sanitarium.  The cookout was an end of the season celebration for the health ministries’ department of the Knoxville First Church, as they provide monthly plant-based dinners from September until May and take a break for the summer. Approximately 65 community members attended. Grilled corn, home-made burgers, rainbow coleslaw, and watermelon were on the menu.  Recipes were provided to all participants. Many who attended also took home the free literature made available at the cookout.


“The Lord blessed this cookout in many ways,” stated Kimberly Crider, director of “Get Healthy, Knoxville”.  “Rain was in the forecast and we could see the dark rain clouds overhead, but after our fervent prayers, the Lord kept the rain away. As a matter of fact, we heard from participants that it was raining at various places around the Knoxville area, but it didn’t rain during the cookout. The cloud covering that God provided actually made the weather more pleasant for everyone.”


Most of the attendees weren’t Adventists but are regular participants in the monthly plant-based “Get Healthy, Knoxville” dinners and the weekly walking club, both of which are sponsored by health ministries.  Not everyone was a regular attendee. There was a family who accepted an invitation from the Horton family (Knoxville First Church members). The Hortons had just met them and when they realized the family was vegetarian, they invited them to the cookout. The family gladly accepted the invitation and had an enjoyable time.  They expressed interest in attending the monthly plant-based dinners in the fall. One attendee, Jay, said, “I had a great time. The food was really good and the company was fabulous.”  Karen said, “The food was great, and I enjoyed meeting everyone.”


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by Kimberly Crider, director of "Get Health, Knoxville"