Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

"A Brand from the Burning" Translated to Spanish

As a missionary priest, Andrés served in China, Spain, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.
Retired Pastor Rafael Gonzalez (Andrés), with daughter Patty, in 1987.
Holding newly-published copies of Un Tizón del Fuego, a translation of A Brand from the Burning, are translation team members Melany Quinteros, Gehovanny and Rosiris Quinteros, Maria Delgado, and Justin Quinteros.

More than forty years after it was first published, the book A Brand from the Burning, by Alcyon Ruth Fleck, has been translated into Spanish, the language its characters actually spoke. It is now also available as Un Tizón Sacado del Fuego, published by TEACH Services.  


The story follows young Andrés Díaz from his childhood misadventures and years as an altar boy in Spain, through his strict training for the priesthood, learning to unquestioningly accept the word of The Church as truth. It takes the reader along to experience Andrés' dedication as a missionary priest in China, Spain, and later in Central America, where he encounters mission-minded Seventh-day Adventists who introduce him to personal Bible study and a direct relationship with God.  The book gives a glimpse into Andrés' mental and spiritual struggles as he secretly studies and deals with his own acceptance of Bible truths. It also portrays the physical dangers that confront him as he takes steps to leave the priesthood.  


With the loving support of his new Adventist family, Andrés studies for the ministry and begins a new life as an evangelist for Spanish-speaking congregations in the U.S. Midwest.  


The book leaves Andrés at the altar—in the joyous celebration of his marriage—but his story doesn't end there. He went on to serve for many years as pastor of several Spanish churches, joyously sharing the good news of God's love and saving grace all across the United States. In retirement, he spent his last two years living with his daughter, Patty Moran, in Calhoun, Ga., and worshipping with the Spanish congregation there. 


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Andrés, known post-priesthood as Rafael Angel González.  Though he had preached in several languages during his career as missionary-priest, he never learned enough English to be able to enjoy his own biography. And though readers of English could be inspired by his gripping story, most people in his native land and fields of mission labor could not.  "My dad always wished the book could be translated," said Moran.


Now, through the efforts of volunteers Maria Delgado, Flor Wilham, the Gehovanny Quinteros family, and Gloria-Silvia Suárez, that dream has become a reality.  One that can be shared with others who, like Andrés, want to know God's truth and follow His will for their lives. 



by Joyce Young

Editor, Un Tizón...