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Kossick Receives “Bright Star” Poetry Award

Betty Kossick, member of the Calhoun Church, recently received the "Bright Star" Poetry Award from A Galaxy of Verse.
Image attributed to: Johnny Kossick
The cover of the latest issue of A Galaxy of Verse features Kossick's photo.

Betty Kossick, a resident of Calhoun, Ga., (and member of the Calhoun Church) was recently selected as the spring/summer 2013 “Bright Star” by A Galaxy of Verse (GOV). This non-profit literary organization, established in 1974, and located in Garland, Tex., publishes a twice-yearly poetry anthology by the same name.


Not only is Kossick the first member to provide a cover photo for the current issue, but coincidentally, she won second place in the “Birds” contest for a poem titled “The Strutter,” based on that photo.


“Reading other poets and writing my own poetry provide me with my happiest heartbeats,” Kossick said.


Kossick has written almost 700 poems, with many of them published and/or winners in a variety of contests. In addition to being affiliated with GOV, Kossick is also a long-distance member of Dayton Christian Scribes (Dayton, OH), a spin-off poets group she co-founded 35 years ago from Andrews University’s summer workshops in Berrien Springs, Mich. Kossick is still an active freelance writer and journalist, with 42 years of writing experience. She and her husband, Johnny, have been married for 63 years.


The Bright Star’s biography and selected poems provide the opening feature for the anthology, which also publishes poetry by members and contest winners. President and editor, Barbara Blanks, chooses a “star” based on the poet’s body of work and a continuing passion for keeping the art of poetry alive, accessible, and comprehensible.


The purpose of A Galaxy of Verse is to make available to good poets throughout the country, opportunities to have their work read by a national public. It encourages the creative process by publishing the work of its members. It is open to poets across the United States, with many of its members also affiliated with the Poetry Society of Texas and other established poetry societies. For details, please visit, and click on the appropriate tabs. Or e-mail for more information.


Written by Barbara Blanks, editor of A Galaxy of Verse