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Isabella Miranda is Cook of the Week

Isabella Miranda shares her recipes for "Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup" and "Snowman Bagels.”
Isabella Miranda enjoys the company of fellow cooking classmates after creating their soup and bagel.

Isabella Miranda, 11, dreams of one day opening her own restaurant and becoming a star chef. With her Book Cook’s class, she may be well on her way. Each week, Miranda searches for easy-to-follow recipes and ideas within the class budget to teach children in pre-k to fourth grade.

Miranda began teaching Book Cook’s in October of last year when her mother encouraged her to pursue her love of cooking and use it as curriculum in her homeschooling.

In the first class, she taught about Columbus Day and created her own hummus in a red pepper sailboat.

“I love the whole process of teaching,” Miranda said. “Planning everything out and picking the themes and after we finish cooking, reading related books while we eat.”

Miranda is often baking cakes from scratch. Her favorite cooking experience, she said, is creating a four-course meal every year for her mother’s birthday. Although Miranda came from a long line of cooks, she admits that she still cannot make a soufflé.

When she isn’t cooking or teaching, Miranda finds herself mostly reading.


“Every room in our house has a library,” Miranda said. “There are even two large shelves full of cookbooks in the kitchen.”

The Book Cook’s class covers three fun creations for only $10 per child ($5 per additional sibling). Leftover money goes to the Backpack Buddies program that helps provide weekend meals for community children in need. For more information on Book Cook’s, email Miranda’s mom, Renee, at

Written by Tasha Bunch, Calhoun Times staff writer