Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Georgia-Cumberland Welcomes New VP to the Conference Family

Miguel and Olga Valdivia
Image attributed to: Brian Young, Communication assistant director

The Georgia-Cumberland Conference (GCC) is happy to welcome Miguel Valdivia, Ph.D., to the team as he takes the place of vice president of administration/executive secretary Paul Hoover, who accepted a call to be president of the Upper Columbia Conference in April. Transition details for Valdivia’s arrival are being finalized but look to be sometime in the fall.

Valdivia is transferring to the conference from his position as international publications editor at Pacific Press Publishing Association in Idaho, where he’s worked for the past 27 years. Previously, he has served as both a youth and senior pastor in Puerto Rico. When the search began for a new VP of administration, a friend of Valdivia’s from the Southern Union encouraged him to send in his résumé. From the GCC, he was only acquainted with Ed Wright, president, but sent in his résumé anyway. After prayer and deliberation, Valdivia was offered the position.

“I consider serving at GCC a very spiritual call…this is a continuation of ministry for me,” Valdivia said. “It seems to my wife and me that God is leading us in this direction, and we want to see where He takes us.”

Born in Cuba, Valdivia lived there until he was 12 years old, when his parents moved to the United States. After residing in New Jersey for several years, they eventually relocated to Florida, where they have lived since. Valdivia attended undergraduate school at Antillian College in Puerto Rico and soon went on to receive his master’s degree in religion from Andrews University. He then later received his Ph.D. in education from the University of Idaho.

Valdivia is married to Olga Noriega, and they have three grown children and two grandchildren. Their daughter, Cindy, lives in Idaho with her husband, Jason, and daughter, Averi; their son Alan lives in Georgia with his daughter, Tessa; and their youngest son, Brian, is finishing law school in New York. While Valdivia and his wife will certainly miss their family in Idaho, they also look forward to living closer to their other family in Georgia.

In their spare time, Valdivia and his wife enjoy reading, walking, and fishing on occasion. Having recently bought a camper, they are also excited to get back into their old hobby of camping. Some of the things they look forward to upon moving to Georgia are the milder winters, making new friends, and visiting various churches. Although change always has its challenges, the Valdivias hold a positive outlook on this new chapter in their lives.

“Although it’ll be a transition,” Valdivia said, “it’s going to be good for us, an adventure.”

Written by Shana Michalek, Communication intern
Photo by Brian Young, Communication assistant director