Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Conference Mourns Death of Pastor Mike Adams

Image attributed to: Brian Young, Communication assistant director
Image attributed to: Brian Young, Communication assistant director
Image attributed to: Brian Young, Communication assistant director
Image attributed to: Brian Young, Communication assistant director

Mike Adams, pastor of the Park Avenue Church (Valdosta, Ga.), passed away early Monday morning, July 29, after a battle with cancer.


At Adams’ ordination in early 2012, he recounted and celebrated how God had led him from a life of “flirting with God” to being a sold-out, committed disciple of Jesus.


Adams shared his testimony:


[My wife] was instrumental in me coming back to the Lord. I’ve always flirted with the Lord off and on throughout my adult life. It was a consensus between [us] that we needed to be closer to the Lord. The closer we got, the more we talked about God, read the Bible, and discussed doctrinal issues, the more we realized God had a plan for us. It came to fruition through a long process, a long journey to get to where I am today, and a lot of arguments. God opened a lot of doors for us. Coming from a Baptist seminary to being a minister in an Adventist church is a long journey. There are a lot of loving people in the conference that embraced us and allowed us concessions through love.
Tammie had been to a Sabbath-keeping church, [though it] wasn’t an Adventist church, when she was a teenager, and it kind of stuck with her. We were attending a Baptist church at the time, and during a Bible study, she asked the pastor’s wife why we go to church on Sunday. I think her answer was ‘tradition?’ You’d have to know my wife to know that was like pouring gas on a fire. She began study and to look. During this time, I had begun [my training at a Baptist seminary], and she’d gone online and took a study on Daniel, and it went from there. She didn’t know it was Adventist at the time; she was just enjoying it and all of these ‘a-ha’ moments. She kept sharing them with me, and we discussed doctrinal issues between what she was seeing and what I was seeing over a period of years. Finally she said, ‘Mike I know you’ve been called into the ministry by God. I know that, and I support you in whatever you do, but I’m going to start keeping the Sabbath.’ She was so adamant about it and convicted about it that it made me look at it in a different light.
I finally had a course I was taking, and the instructor jumped on the Sabbath with both feet, and I caught myself defending it. And I said, Wait a minute. Something’s wrong with this picture.

Shortly thereafter, we started keeping the Sabbath at home because we didn’t know about the Adventist Church. Eventually we studied some of the doctrines of the Adventist Church and decided that’s where we wanted to be. We joined the Moultrie Church at that time. I graduated from seminary, and five days later, I was baptized into the Adventist Church.


Please keep Mike’s family and the Park Avenue Church family in your prayers.