Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

CAMS and Coca-Cola Partner to be Better Stewards

Linzie Lovett, a sixth-grade student at Collegedale Adventist Middle School, empties recyclables into the school’s collection bins.
Image attributed to: Murray Cooper

Collegedale Adventist Middle School (CAMS) is excited to announce a new venture in stewardship— environmental stewardship, that is. In partnership with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Cleveland, Tenn., CAMS opened its recycling station in August with cardboard and mixed paper bins and plans to soon add #1 plastic and aluminum containers. 

As part of the grand opening, Debbie Millard came as the guest speaker for the school’s chapel on Aug. 30. Millard has been with Coca-Cola for more than 13 years and, more importantly, has been the operations clerk/environmental site contact for the Department of Quality Systems and Environmental Compliance since 2007. Coca-Cola of Cleveland is the only Coke plant in the United States to have a recycling outreach program. They partner with 46 businesses and schools in the area in keeping more than 500,000 pounds of paper and plastic products out of landfills. The plant gives training, supplies the collection bins, and transports the waste to the recycling facility. They also offer incentives in the form of credits that can be put toward recycled copy paper or tree saplings to enhance the environment.

CAMS had a desire to be a part of this effort not only for the obvious reason of being more environmentally responsible but also to encourage environmental awareness in the students and their families. Many parents bring their recyclables from home to the collection bins at the school, and the school looks forward to having more families join in. Their big-picture vision is to have all schools in the Greater Collegedale School System and the Collegedale Church participating in the program.

CAMS invites you to join them in their effort to be good stewards of the earth. Together, we can divert a few extra tons of waste from landfills and help raise environmental awareness in today’s youth.

Written by Leanne Barto
Photos by Murray Cooper