Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Albany Church Rejoices with Baptisms, Dedication, and Wedding

Kelly and Gary participate in the salt ceremony during their traditional Irish wedding on June 2 at the Albany Church.
Baptismal candidates and their families are recognized on Sabbath, June 1, at the Albany Church.

The first weekend of June, the Albany Community Church (Albany, Ga.) experienced a truly heaven-sent blessing. On Sabbath morning, the church witnessed a dedication and three baptisms. The weekend finished with a traditional Irish wedding.

On June 1, the Sabbath morning worship was blessed! One of the congregation’s young families, Scott and Leigh Prichett, came forward with their two children—daughter, Riley (10), and son, Rad (4). Rad was dedicated to the Lord, and Riley was baptized. Two more individuals also came forward to be baptized: Kelly Davis and Gary Riley.

On June 2, the church was active again, this time for the marriage of Riley and Davis, the two individuals who had been baptized the previous day. The ceremony was informal and included a number of Irish traditions including traditional men’s dress; locking the doors so the groom cannot escape; the salt ceremony, signifying the union of the couple as one flesh; giving a silver horseshoe for blessings upon the couple’s new home; the first congratulations for the new bride by the pastor; and the Irish blessing given to the couple by those in attendance.  Bagpipes completed the Irish wedding.

It is such a blessing when the children of church members step up and say, “I’m ready to dedicate my life to God.”  Pray God’s Spirit continues working in the churches of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference.

Written by Rhonda Wilson