Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

New I-75 Ramps and Conference Entrance Underway

Image attributed to: Brian Young
Image attributed to: Brian Young
Image attributed to: Darrel Starkey

After many year of planning, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has completed the necessary business purchases and rights of way to begin a much needed off/on ramp expansion for Exit 315 on Interstate 75.


“Turning onto Redbud Road (Exit 315) from the interstate has been a challenge for years,” said Darrel Starkey, construction coordinator for the conference. “Several accidents have occurred due to poor visibility and intermittent heavy traffic.”


The new improvements for Exit 315 include:

1.     Create longer entrance and exit ramps to/from I-75.

2.     Improve visibility entering the interstate.

3.    Widen the section of Redbud Road near the interstate from two to four lanes.

4.     Improve visibility turning on to and off of Redbud Road.

5.     Create a second roadway to Conference Road, where the conference office is located.


Exit 315 (Redbud Road) serves as the exit for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. As part of the new infrastructure, the conference office entrance will be rerouted. Conference Road will expand, putting the main entrance to the conference office behind Food Lion with access off of Newtown Road. The current driveway will become an exit to Redbud Road with right-turn-only access.


Written by Darrel Starkey, conference construction coordinator, and Tamara Wolcott Fisher, communication director

Photos by Brian Young, communication assistant director