Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

CONNECT Refreshes Students

College students were able to meet with other Adventists and form new friendships at Adventist Christian Fellowship's CONNECT. Photo by Brian Young.
CONNECT attendees gather for a group prayer, the event is hosted by Adventist Christian Fellowship. Photo by Brian Young.
Kymone Hinds was one of the guest speakers for CONNECT. Photo by Brian Young.
Students were given the opportunity to meet in small groups to share. Photo by Brian Young.
CONNECT is a great way to meet Adventist students attending universities across Georgia and Tennessee. Photo by Brian Young.

When I first went to college, my primarthought as an Adventist was that I needed to stay connected to God. There are times when I failed, of course, but that led me to push harder to find something that would help me. That’s when I found out about Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF). I was happy to know that I could fellowship with other Adventists on the University of West Georgia campus. After a couple of meetings, I found out about CONNECT. I was told how much fun it was and that I should definitely sign up. Since Ive always enjoyed Pathfinder camporees, I was definitely excited.

When we first got to CONNECT, we arrived a bit late but got to catch the last part of the sermon. Afterward, we got toconnect

with students from other colleges, including Georgia State and University of Georgia. I also finally got to meet in person two other Adventists that I had previously known about through a mutual friend.

On Sabbath morning, we ate breakfast together and started our workshops. Throughout the day, we learned about success and planning for our future. The basis of each workshop was that God should be at the forefront of all of our decisions.

With God, nothing can go wrong. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13, NKJV ).

My favorite activity was “The Most Important Road Trip. In this workshop, we all separated into different groups. Each group used different items to create a poster to define what success means to us. My group received individual sheets of paper, so wall drew our own definition and glued them together to create a large poster. At the end, each group shared their posters. The lesson behind it was that everyone has different resources in life. Some might be seen as more resourceful than others, but at the end of the day, each group was able to complete the task no matter what resources it had received. Success doesn’t always look the same; it’s different for everyone, and we are all able to accomplish it.

During our break from the workshopsa group of students decided to go on a nature walk. Our conversation started with glorification of God’s creation, then it turned to how we may slack off and fall away from God, yet He always waits for us to return. Wtalked about how we are living in the end of times and how it’s important to build a solid relationship with God and toconnect with other Adventists. By Saturday night, we all felt connected with each other. We had made new friends in Christ.

CONNECT was an unforgettable experience. The prayer we had before we all left will continue to work in my life until we meet again. I want to thank everyone who made my first year at CONNECT possible. I will definitely be making an appearance at



by Roshauna Riviere