Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

LifeTalk Makes an Eternal Difference

Image contributed by Becky Carlson.

Driving north on I-75 in Georgia at 4 a.m., Alan searched the radio dial in his truck. Between Calhoun and Dalton, an animated speaker on WSMC-FM 91.3 grabbed his attention. He was quoting Bible verses about the mark of the beast.


Although a lifelong Baptist, Alan had questions. While listening to LifeTalk Radio, he found answers.


Starting to lose radio coverage, Alan steered his truck off the highway onto the shoulder in order to keep listening. He had to hear the rest of it! Amazed, he heard something he had never heard in his whole life as a Baptist.


Impressed by how much biblical support the speaker packed into his presentation, Alan wondered how he could hear it again. Grabbing a pen, he wrote down 800-775-4673, the LifeTalk Radio number given at the end of the “Message of Hope” program.


Later that afternoon in a LifeTalk Radio branch office in Collegedale, Tenn., Becky got a phone call from Alan. The excitement in his voice was clear.


“It was revolutionary to me!” exclaimed Alan. “I never heard the truth about this before.”


Then he asked: “Could you help to connect me with that pastor and his church? I would like multiple copies of this sermon to share with my loved ones. I feel like the scales are falling off my eyes from hearing this preaching! I loved his teaching from the Word and would love to join his church. I was born and raised Baptist, but I am leaning toward being an Adventist after hearing him. I am open to a new revelation in my life. Thank you very, very much for LifeTalk Radio!”


Becky found contact information for the speaker and gave Alan a link for the program podcast. Next, she found the name and phone number of the pastor for the Adventist church where he lives.


“Yes! Give him my cell phone number,” said Pastor Frank Sierra. “I will be happy to connect with him.”


In response to Pastor Sierra’s invitation to the Bible prophecy seminars in the Cartersville Church, Alan attended the very next night. Sierra offered to answer his questions and gave him the seminar flyer with future meetings and a study guide. Alan has also requested the Discover Bible Guides offered through the Voice of Prophecy ministry.


The Georgia truck driver said:  “My company just changed my shift and route, so I can no longer catch the LifeTalk Radio program on my radio. But my family got me a smartphone recently, so I can hear LifeTalk programs on LifeTalk’s mobile app.”


“Connecting listeners with Christ is our mission at LifeTalk Radio,” explains John Geli, manager/director for the network. “God used the powerful programming of LifeTalk Radio to impact Alan’s life. With 24/7 online streaming via, a LifeTalk Radio mobile app for smartphones, and over 100 affiliate radio stations plus ROKU and satellite (Galaxy 19, Channel 1004), many more listeners like Alan are hearing God’s message of hope—all day, every day.”


Gordon Pifher, vice president for North American Division (NAD) Media Ministries, says: “As the Seventh-day Adventist radio network for the NAD, LifeTalk Radio exists to help our Adventist churches and individuals to reach their communities for Christ. Just sharing the LifeTalk Radio station or website with your neighbors could make an eternal difference. The website is”


Will you partner with LifeTalk Radio to pray for Alan and his continued connection with Christ, the truth, and the local church he has started attending? Your prayers for him and other listeners—maybe even your neighbor—can make an eternal difference.


by Becky Carlson, Station Relations at LifeTalk Radio