Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

A Big Hug From God

Image attributed to: Brian Young
Pastors lay hands on Carole Verrill during her commissioning prayer.
Image attributed to: Brian Young
Image attributed to: Brian Young
Image attributed to: Brian Young
Victor Maddox (right), vice president for pastoral ministries and discipleship, congratulates Verrill and hands her the certificate of commissioning.
Image attributed to: Brian Young
The Verrill Family: Tom, Carole, Christina, Kaitlyn, and Andrew.
Image attributed to: Brian Young

Carole Verrill has been active in ministry since the age of 10, when her pastor’s wife saw potential in her and asked her to lead out in one of the Sabbath school divisions.


“She just saw a love for children in me, even though I was just a child myself,” Verrill said. “She encouraged me to get involved in leading and teaching in the cradle roll division in our church. And I started there because she had faith in me, and I kept on ministering, and I found out I just loved it and was passionate about it.”


Because of her love for children and teaching, she majored in elementary education at Atlantic Union College.  While attending the Florida Hospital Church, Verrill’s husband, Tom, saw they had an opening for a children’s minister and encouraged her to apply.


“Carole has always had a passion for ministry in families and children. It’s where her heart is,” he said. “When the opportunity opened, her life seemed to [have been] leading up to all they were looking for. It seemed to fit who she is and what she’s about.”


God opened those doors, and she had the opportunity to serve as pastor at the Florida Hospital Church for three years before moving to the Collegedale Church, where she has served for the past five years.


On Sept. 14, friends, family, and conference officials gathered at the Collegedale Church for her commissioning. 


“It’s an honor and I take this like an affirmation hug from God—just a real big hug from Him,” Verrill said. “I’m thankful He’s allowed me to serve in this way, and I hope to continue to serve in this way. It’s been just a blessing.”


Written by Brian Young, communication assistant director

Photos by Brian Young