Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Vego Bistro Food Truck Now Serving the Atlanta Area

David and Lindsay Esterline stand beside their food truck, Vego Bistro. After quitting her career as an elementary school teacher, Lindsay is managing the Atlanta-area food truck business full time. Photo submitted by David Esterline.
Vego Bistro is where people can eat healthy food and find motivation to make a change in their lifestyle. Photo by David Esterline.

Vego Bistro is a new food truck business with a special mission:  to show the Greater Atlanta community that a 100 percent plant-based diet can be delicious, simple, and healthy.


My wife, Lindsay, and I learned firsthand that a plant-based diet can have tremendous positive effects on one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Only five years ago, we would have laughed at the idea of giving up our cheese and ice cream, and we could only have dreamed of living without pain or medications. Both Lindsay and I have had our share of health issues, from allergies, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol to arthritis and other inflammation. In a lot of ways we are still a work in progress, but we have decided that it is best to be 100 percent plant-based, or vegan, as part of our diet and exercise plan. Lindsay also strives to be gluten-free, which reduces inflammation in her body. As you can imagine, this lifestyle makes eating out a bit of a challenge in the Metro Atlanta area!


That’s why our food truck will offer a simple menu of fresh, delicious, all-natural alternatives to the popular items people love to eat. Vego Bistro aims to educate people about how nutrition can help with living a holistic healthy life.


It’s His Business

Lindsay and I have been the Health Ministry leaders at the Lakeview Church in Powder Springs, Ga., for the past few years, and we truly enjoy sharing our path toward a healthier lifestyle. We decided to combine our passion for health and Lindsay’s flare for cooking in order to fill a niche in the food industry.


Originally we planned to open a bricks-and-mortar restaurant, but we discovered that startup costs are very high. So, with a little nudging from the Holy Spirit and some close friends, we looked into the food truck craze. We are fully aware of the challenges in this industry and how difficult it can be to make a profit; however, we believe that if this is God’s business, then He’ll make it work and will open the floodgates of blessing upon it.


Since we decided to look into the food truck business in August of 2016, we have received His blessings at every step of the way. We could feel the Holy Spirit leading us by opening and closing doors when we were looking for a truck, finding a fabricator, and finding good deals on kitchen equipment, plus we sensed God granting us patience during the process of obtaining our vending permit.


A Full-Time Ministry

Like any typical food truck, we intend to sell food during the week at farmer’s markets, food truck parks, and other local venues. What makes Vego Bistro different is that on Saturdays, we intend to follow Christ's example and provide to those less fortunate. We will provide, at no cost, food choices from the same menu to communities of homeless and low-income individuals, who need healthy food the most! We can also provide this service to any church organization in the Metro Atlanta area at a greatly reduced catering rate, in order to help them reach their local community. As God continues to bless our venture, we will share healthy food and knowledge to those who are in need.


Vego has already teamed up with the food pantry team at the Lakeview Church as well as a community effort from the Marietta Adventist Church in Marietta, Ga. We look forward to bringing a smile to everyone’s face with our Full Bellies/Full Hearts mission initiative. In order to help support this mission financially, we donate all of our tips to this mission work and also give our food truck patrons an option to pay it forward by adding to their ticket another meal for someone in need.


In short, we see our new business as a ministry. We hope that we can count on the support of our church family to help make it a success.

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by David Esterline