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Coble Student’s Enterprise Helps Cancer Patients

Joe Hannah, a fourth-grader at Coble Elementary, donated half of his summer juice stand earnings to help local cancer patients.

At the beginning of each school year, kids get much enjoyment from sharing what they did during the summer. Joe Hannah, a fourth-grader at John L. Coble Elementary School (Calhoun, Ga.), is no exception. He smiles broadly when he tells others about an enterprising business he started: Joe’s Jazzin’ Juice.


Joe’s mother, Melissa, coordinated and managed the CREATION Health Farmers’ Market at Gordon Hospital this past summer. The once-a-week farmers’ market is part of the Harris Radiation Therapy Program, a holistic wellness program that promotes healthful living for cancer patients currently undergoing treatment, cancer survivors, and the Calhoun community at large.

Joe decided he wanted in on the action, so he set up a booth and sold fresh-squeezed orange juice and lemonade. Joe’s Jazzin’ Juice attracted thirsty folks on hot summer nights, and he did so well that he opened a bank account.


When Joe learned about the Harris Radiation Therapy Program and its patients, he decided to donate half of his earnings to help those who need assistance with obtaining hygiene products, nutritional supplements, or cancer-related products.


At 10 years old, Joe has already learned a valuable lesson about service and generosity.


“It feels good,” he said. “I like helping people.”

by Betty Kossick

Photo contributed