Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Campbells Bring Health Education & Deli to Greeneville

John and Monica Campbell moved from New York to Tennessee and now operate Plum Natural Health Foods and Plum Tasty Deli.

John and Monica Campbell thought to retire and find a home in upstate New York, but God had others plans. The Campbells felt impressed to move to Tennessee, and now they own and operate a health food store and deli, Plum Natural Health Foods and Plum Tasty Deli in Greeneville, Tenn.


“A good day is not really selling a bottle of Vegenaise or that someone enjoys a sandwich for lunch,” John said. “It is the opportunity to point them to Christ.”


John is a retired banker, having worked in Manhattan for 33 years. Monica has been involved with health food, cooking, and natural living for more than 20 years but had never operated a deli until now.


John said a lot of customers come into the health food store not knowing what they want or need. 


“Our mission is really to educate people in terms of natural alternatives and lifestyle,” he said. “We want people to work with their physicians, and we also want to introduce them to a healthy lifestyle.”


The couple offers seminars like bread baking and healthy meal planning. They teach the free seminars at the deli and have from 10 to 25 people attending.


Monica and a friend, Jennifer Barnett, operate the vegetarian and vegan deli and provide specials. The deli serves soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and desserts.


“Every dish I wash is for the Lord,” Monica said. “[It’s] an opportunity to share Christ in different ways. [And] we’re having fun. We are not in this for business and making money. God covers the money. We are here because God wants us here.”


by Tamara Wolcott Fisher, communication director

photo by Tamara Wolcott Fisher