Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Four Receive Passing the Torch Scholarship

Four Southern education majors recently received a "Passing the Torch" scholarship. From left: Vanessa Hernandez, Brianna Fernandez, Maleny Candelaria, and Bethany Shipley. Photo by Tamara Wolcott Fisher.
Kevin Kossick, vice president for education, congratulates the scholarship recipients. Photo by Tamara Wolcott Fisher.

In 2014 the education department intentionally made a decision to invest in education majors here in our conference. They hoped to incentivise home grown members in their education calling and help alleviate the shortage of teachers created

by retiring baby boomers. "Passing the Torch" was their answer, a scholarship given only to Georgia-Cumberland education majors at Southern Adventist University.

The 'Passing the Torch' scholarship is a confirmation to me that God has placed me where He can use me the most,” says Bethany Shipley, senior education major.

Melany Candelaria, senior education major, says "Passing the Torch" affirms her choice. “God is watching over me. It has been harder for me than most to stay in school but I know that God is by my side.

The value I found in ministry and missions is linked directly to my attending an Adventist school. Now as a future teacher I desire to give back to the Adventist system that gave me so much,” says Vanessa Hernandez, senior education major.

Briana Fernandez, senior education major, is thrilled, adding, “It means a lot to me to receive this scholarship. It shows me that I’ve worked hard, and I was able to achieve something wonderful.

We have hired five of the possible ten candidates over three years,” says Kevin Kossick, vice president for education. “I anticipate hiring all four of this years candidates.


by Tamara Wolcott Fisher, communication director