Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Gainesville, Ga., Returns to Its Educational Roots

Children in Gainesville, Ga., will attend school here in 2018. Photo by Josh Dobson.

Back in February, members of the Gainesville Church in North Georgia voted their approval to start a church school, with the intention of opening in the fall semester of 2018. The education committee, under the leadership of John and Manuela Radu, has been industriously conducting research, preparing budgetary schedules, planning fundraisers, contacting potential students, and seeking school equipment and furniture.


The congregation formerly operated an elementary school when the church was at its previous location on Vine Street, and during the process of building its new and current building, it incorporated the intention to reopen a school into its plans. In fact, the footprint of the new church contained three classrooms, a full gymnasium, a complete kitchen, and room for playground equipment. Then, when the footings were poured during construction, the church adjusted the footprint on the property to allow for future school expansion.


Currently the congregation plans to open its new school with one classroom consisting of one teacher, an assistant, and up to 15 kids. The conference unanimously approved this proposal on August 24. God has repeatedly demonstrated His providence during the search for necessary equipment and supplies. For example, a miracle made it possible to fully furnish the classroom with 14 desks, chairs, and tables for only $400. The next step is to grade, fence, and equip the playground.


The Gainesville members ask for your prayers as they continue to move forward in this endeavor. A new promotional video for the school, which will be shared with area churches to generate student interests and financial support, is currently in production. Once completed, the promotional materials will be posted online at


by Josh Dobson, Gainesville Church communication director