Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Singles Build Church and Hold Medical Clinical in Eduador

Wes Tucker (right) and his friend, Carlos, installed the metal roof on the church building in one day. Photo contributed.
A five-person team helped with a medical clinic, they helped treat 1,200 people. Photo contributed.
One third of the 1,200 helped at the medical clinic were children. Photo contributed.

The Georgia-Cumberland Conference Singles’ Ministries sponsored its 16th annual mission trip this summer. Five individuals volunteered from July 27 to Aug. 11 in the center of Ecuador, a country with a population of more than 16 million people.

Now you might wonder just how much five people can really do. With God’s blessings, you would be surprised. Linda Ziesmer, Judy Delay, Crystal Newton, Rose Burks, and Wesley Tucker held medical clinics in the city of Chambo and contributed to the building of a brand new church there.

This five-person Singles Ministries team worked with approximately 75 local volunteers, including Red Cross workers and university students. In only six days at the medical clinic, they helped treat 1,200 people, one-third of whom were children. This was the first year the volunteers were able to hand out feminine hygiene kits. Women and girls living in poverty are too often denied the dignity of personal care. The 100 kits thedistributed were a blessing to the local ladies and were received with much enthusiasm.

One member of the Georgia-Cumberland group worked on building the new church, a structure measuring 23 feet by 50 feet. The concrete floor and columns were already in place by the time the group arrived, so their task was to frame the roof, which took four days, and to start on the brick walls. The Singles Ministry team purchased all of the church building materials they used and also left funds to cover the cost of finishing the brickwork, doors, and windows.

If you or your family would be interested in a mission trip where all participants pay their own way, inquire about next year’s Singles Ministries mission trip to Married or single, all church members are welcome. The purpose of Singles Ministries is to provide an encouraging, Christian environment in which Adventist singles can enjoy friendship, support, personal growth, healing, and ministry to the world.


by Wes Tucker, Singles' Ministries president