Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Students Learn New Songs and Offer Worship with School-Wide Hymn Sings

Students at A.W. Spalding Elementary School gather outside their classroom for their weekly school-wide "Hallway HYmn Sing." Photo by Angi Howell.
Every month the faculty choose a new hymn that the kids will learn. Photo by Angi Howell.
The hymn sings have had a positive reception, parents have said their children sing the songs at home. Photo by Angi Howell.
School chaplain, Tabor Nudd, believes that hymns are important to the Christian experience. Photo by Angi Howell.

This year, teachers at A.W. Spalding Elementary School (AWS) introduced a new musical facet to their Thursday mornings with “Hallway Hymn Sings. What is “Hallway Hymn Sings?“ Every month the faculty choose a new hymn that the kids will learn and practice once a week with Tabor Nudd, chaplain for both AWS and Collegedale Adventist Middle School (CAMS).

Through this new addition to the curriculum, students have already learned hymns such as Come Thou Fount of EverBlessing and Standing on the Promises; this month they learned Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, and next month’s hymn will be a Christmas song.

With so much new Christian and praise music made every day, it would be easy to teach the kids songs from a wide-range of modern artists, which often happens during chapel times. However, Tabor claims that hymns can be important to someone’s

Christian experience, saying thatit would be sad if [the kids] grew up in the church and never heard some of these hymns.

The reception has been positive, as several parents have said their children now sing these songs at home. Jonathan Hamm, a student at AWS, said, “Thursdays are my favorite because it’s fun to learn new songs and sing with the whole school.

“We don’t sing hymns much during chapel, Tabor said. “But there are a lot of good songs that are hymns. So, for the kids, it’s an education experience and a worship experience that builds a sense of communitwithin the school.


by Seth Courtad, Collegedale Academy sophomore