Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Loganville Adventurers Collect Back Packs for Foster Kids

The Loganville (Ga.) Church Adventurer Club undertook a wonderful project that began in November 2013.  They decided to partner with to collect backpacks for children in foster care.


Michelle Fentress, the Adventurer Club Director, first read about the program last year in the local newspaper.  Naturally, the name of the organization caught her attention. As she said, “We’re the Adventurers. The organization is called Adventure Bags. So, it just seemed like a perfect fit!”


Adventure Bags, Inc. is a local non-profit organization based out of Barrow County, that serves children who have been displaced for a variety of reasons including; domestic violence, house fires, and foster care entry.  The program began October 15, 2011 with the first fundraiser and an official bag stuffing and has grown from there. 


The idea behind the organization is simple, organizations that work with displaced children (i.e. DFCS, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and teen shelters) would give the child a book bag with important items, such as a stuffed animal, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush or comb, socks, coloring books, crayons and a journal to write down their thoughts. When they do face an unfamiliar place they will have some items of their very own.


The Loganville Adventurer Club put the word out to members, family, and friends.  In February, Mrs. Dorothy Gori, the organization’s founder, stopped by the church to pick up the backpacks and share  information about the children who would receive the items.  She was happily overwhelmed to receive twenty-five backpacks for children in need.


Anyone interested in participating in the Adventure Bags, Inc. program can visit the organization’s website at for further information.  Adventure Bags from the Adventurer Club; what a great pair!



by Sheril R. Smith, Communications Secretary, Loganville SDA Church

photos : Sheril R. Smith, Communications Secretary, Loganville SDA Church