Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


The purpose of the Southern Union Revolving Fund ("SURF") is to provide low-cost loans to churches and institutions in the Southern Union, as well as to provide a reasonable rate of return to investors who are willing to invest long-term to fund church growth in the Southern Union.  The current interest rate being paid for investments is 1.25%. The interest rate charged for church/school building loans is 3.25%.  Click here for loan information.  

SURF accounts are 90-day demand notes. This means withdrawals from the fund could take up to ninety days to be fulfilled. However, most requests for withdrawal are handled within the same week the request is made. SURF funds must be loaned out to churches and institutions or re-invested to achieve a rate of return equal or greater than the interest rate paid to investors in order to be viable. For large withdrawals it may require selling some investments and SURF needs a reasonable time frame to accomplish the sale equitably. 
If you would like to open an account, please click on the "SURF Account Application" link to the right.  Print, complete and sign the application, then mail it to the Georgia-Cumberland Association at Post Office Box 12000, Calhoun, GA 30703.  Please include your personal check, cashiers check or money order made payable to "Southern Union Revolving Fund" or "SURF."  Electronic funds transfers are not accepted.  The minimum initial investment is $1,000.  A balance of $1,000 must be maintained in order for the account to remain open.  Interest will begin accruing on the day the check and all paperwork are received by the Southern Union.  
Requests for withdrawals must be in writing and may be made in one of three ways: 
  • by email to 
  • by U.S. mail to P.O. Box 12000, Calhoun, GA 30703, Attention: SURF
  • by fax to 706-625-3684 (Attention: SURF)
We cannot accept telephone requests.  Please provide your name, account number, address and phone number along with your request and send to the attention of "SURF."
Deposits may be made to an existing account at any time by mailing a check directly to the Southern Union Revolving Fund (electronic funds transfers cannot be accepted). Receipts are not provided. Statements are mailed at the end of each quarter.  Balance information is available by calling 404-299-1832, extension 405.
Mailing Addresses:
Georgia-Cumberland Association of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc.
P.O. Box 12000
Calhoun, GA  30703 
Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
P.O. Box 923868
Norcross, GA  30010