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Per North American Division policy and Georgia-Cumberland Conference policy, we are required to perform an examination of local church financial records and local school financial records on a biennial basis.  Due to technical differences, we use the term examination rather than audit . 

However, in order to minimize possible confusion we use the term audit for the following common questions we receive from treasurers. The answers to the questions can be accessed by clicking on the key word in each question.

Why audit? I do my work honestly for the Lord. Nobody needs to check on me. 

When are we going to be audited? 

Where will the audit be conducted? 

What do we have to do to prepare for the audit? 

How long do we have to keep the financial records of the church/school? 

What other services are offered by the auditing department?


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Basic Jewel Training

1. Introduction to Jewel Church Accounting  [8 min 43 sec]

2. Next Step Sequence in Jewel  [8 min 46 sec]  

3. Posting Offerings to Jewel - Part 1  [11 min 8 sec]

4. Posting Offerings to Jewel - Part 2  [13 min 9 sec]

5. Posting Checks to Jewel  [11 min 2 sec]

6. Bank Reconciliation in Jewel  [18 min 10 sec]​

7. Budget Allocations - A Quick Overview​  [5 min 22 sec]

Making Corrections In Jewel

1. Correcting Checks - Current Month [1 min 54 sec]

Non-routine Jewel Situations

1. Loading Jewel onto New Computer - Defaults to Check  [3 min 50 sec]

2. Posting NSF Checks to Jewel​  [4 min 13 sec]

3. How to Void a Check - Current Month [2 min 7 sec]

4. How to Void a Check - Closed Month [5 min 6 sec]

5. Understanding When to Use a General Journal Entry [4 min 57 sec]

Jewel's Year-end Closing Procedures

1. Steps to Closing the Year in Jewel  [7 min 22 sec]

2. How to Use Jewel's "Choose Form 1099 Payments"  [13 min 10 sec]

3. How to Print Donor Receipts  [5 min 35 sec]

Church Internal Controls

Please click on the link below to download an overview of church internal controls.

Download Church Internal Control Overview.

Download the Sample Check Request Form

Download the updated Dual Count sheets

Treasurer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on Treasurer FAQ for a more comprehensive FAQ listing. 

Paula Haynes
Paula Haynes

Conference Auditor

Pablo Alvarez
Pablo Alvarez

Assistant Conference Auditor