Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Property/GL/Auto Insurance

RESOURCES:  Conveniently located in the menu bars to the right of the screen are all of the property/vehicle insurance related forms, resources, and contact information.  

TO PROCESS FORMS PROMPTLY:  Complete the proper form entirely and submit it as an e-mail attachment to: OR  You can also fax a form to Neil or Jennifer at 706-602-5218.

CLAIM GUIDELINES:  The following guidelines will help you in determining the Loss Notice/Claim Form necessary for your particular situation.  

  • AUTOMOBILE LOSS: Fill out an Auto Loss Form if the property that was damaged is an auto owned by GCC, an auto borrowed, leased or rented by GCC, or if a GCC auto hits another vehicle.  You would also complete this form for any injured passengers or bystanders involved in a GCC auto accident.
  • PROPERTY LOSS:  Fill out a Property Loss Form if the property that was damaged is owned by GCC or was in the care, custody, or control of GCC at the time of the incident (i.e. church building is vandalized). We have included a list of step-by-step instructions regarding property losses, which you will also find listed under the "forms" section located in the menu bar to the right.
  • GENERAL LIABILITY: Fill out the General Liability Loss Form if it was someone else's property that was damaged by the church.
  • EMERGENCY CLAIM REPORTING: Click here for information regarding Adventist Risk's 24/7 emergency claim reporting hotline. You will also find this resource listed under the  "ARM Resources" section located in the menu bar to the right of the screen. Even if you report an emergency claim using the hotline, we will still need a copy of the appropriate claim form emailed to us.
GENERAL LIABILITY: Click here for a list of exclusions.

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE REQUEST: Please complete the Certificate of Insurance Request Form located under the forms menu bar.

  • To Add New Property 
  • To Add Builders Risk 
  • To Add Addition to current building 
  • To Change Coverage 
  • To Delete Builders Risk and add contents coverage 
  • To Delete Property - property sold 

Please complete the Property Application Form and submit it as an e-mail attachment to or


When a church purchases a vehicle, or if a vehicle is donated to a church, the vehicle needs to be insured through Adventist Risk Management (quotes can be obtained). Please e-mail us the following information:

  1. VIN Number, which is the vehicle's serial number 
  2. Year, make, model, and body type
  3. Where principally garaged (city, state, and zip code)
  4. State of licensure
  5. Vehicle type (private passenger, bus, truck, trailer, van, or other)
  6. Seating capacity
  7. GVW, gross vehicle weight
  8. Local, intermediate or long distance use (select one)
  9. Original cost new
  10. Local entity name and address
  11. Local contact (name and phone number)
  12. Effective date of insurance
  13. Title or other official documentation showing VIN # and owner's name
Please note that it is the policy of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference that 15 passenger vans are not to be owned, used, or rented.

TRAVEL/SHORT-TERM MISSION PROJECTS: Register and purchase insurance through Adventist Risk's Travel Hub