Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Treasury Responsibilities and Names



Auditing Services

Paula Haynes/Pablo Alvarez/Eric Schnell                

Building Programs (Church/School)

Kurt Allen/Darrel Starkey

Building Loans (Church/School)

Kurt Allen/Neil Brady

Camp Meeting Housing

Sheila Flores

Church Remittance

Collen Hogan

Computer Related Issues

Mickey Bankhead/Andrew LaPierre

Conference Church Treasury

Sheila Flores/Kurt Allen

Conference Vehicle Registration

Charles Young

Insurance –Health

Sheila Flores

Insurance – Employee

Rick Claus

Insurance/Property/General Liability/Vehicle              

Neil Brady/Nathan Traxler


Charles Young/Colleen Hogan

Payment Requests

Charles Young

Payroll – Conference Employees

Junefel Nalzaro

Payroll – Locally Funded

Jennifer Haldeman

Risk Management – Loss Control

Kurt Allen/Neil Brady