Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Ministry Ideas

It's My Very Own! Bags of Love 

This creative ministry not only gives love and hope to the most needy children, it opens the door for community contact. See how to show care and compassion to frightened children taken from their homes and put into protective custody by comforting them with their own special bags of love. If this sounds like a ministry for you contact Barbara Neher at

Heart Call       

Heart Call promotes women caring and praying for other women. The program encourages women to reach out and touch other women in a host of non-judgmental and non-threatening ways. A step-by-step guide is available from AdventSource. Order by calling 800-328-0525 or

Moms in Touch

Mothers meeting to intercede for their children through prayer and to pray that their school may be guided by biblical values and high moral standards.  For further information visit their web site:

Women in Touch
Friendship evangelism is an important need in every local church. Women in Touch (WIT) is a non-threatening "party with a purpose" for women ages 18-108 to which you can feel comfortable inviting your friends from the community, family, new members, and in-active members. It is a fun time and Jesus is always lifted up. In churches that regularly hold WIT meetings, the attendance from the community averages 50 percent. For questions or more information contact: Nancy Buxton

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